Minimal Turntable
One thing I’ve learned about setting goals is that it’s a good idea not to over do it. Each goal generates projects, on average maybe 3-5. If you set 3 goals for yourself, you’re looking at around 9-15 projects. These are projects that need to be executed at the same time while running your business. 9-15 projects is a lot.

Another reason not to overdo it with goals, is to allow for the unexpected. The unexpected can include projects/activities that crop up which have to get done and unexpected opportunities that are too good not to jump on.

You’re website may go kaput one morning, a request for 6 hand-assembled samples of your highest-selling products within 48 hours from an editor of a well-known magazine might appear in your inbox without warning (this happened to me). Things like this will happen, and when they do, you should be able to take them on without totally sacrificing all of the work you planned to do to make your goals.

I have to constantly remind myself to try and do less, but do it better. I find that if I overwhelm myself with tasks and activities – even fun creative ones, I become frustrated, stressed and get too focused on just getting them finished and crossed off my list, rather than going deep into the work and doing it well.

Creating a small set of focused goals will allow for doing quality work, and leave you space to deal with surprises without getting totally blown of course.

Image from ryanvanetten