Can You Etch It - Social media refrigerator magnets - Laser engraved
Social Media.

I recently gave a talk to a community group I belong to. A good portion of the audience wasn’t as online savvy as those of us that live on the internet so I briefly went through a few slides talking about the different social media outlets I use: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – the basics.

At the end of the talk a woman asked ‘How can you possibly keep up with all that?’

The short answer: I can’t, it’s impossible.

At the same time, I have to because I’m running an online business. It’s a slippery slope, though. One minute I’m logging onto Facebook, four hours later I’m cranky because ‘HOW did I just burn all this time on the internet!!!??’

Here are some things that help:

  • Scheduling tweets in bulk
  • I just realized you can also schedule Facebook posts, I’m going to start doing that soon
  • This post you’re reading? I wrote it and scheduled it two weeks ago

I hope one day Pinterest will introduce a scheduled pin feature.

It also helps to realize that social media feels like real work, leading to something, but it isn’t. It’s an ongoing task, media maintenance. It is also a massive time suck. Schedule it onto your low-level plan like any other task, and stop when the time you allotted for it is up.

Naomi Dunford calls making things, finding buyers, and selling it to them the ‘Big Three’ of running a small biz. It’s true. She goes onto say ‘let social media fit into what’s left, not the other way around’. I couldn’t agree more.