Eleanor Mayrhofer at the Hive Blogger Conference
You may have noticed the banner at the bottom of this blog announcing that I’ll be speaking at the Hive European Blogger conference this May. I actually don’t consider myself a blogger, but rather someone who knows how to blog (and is continually trying to improve at it!)

Let me clarify. In total, I have 3 blogs. This one, the blog I run for my main business, e.m.papers and Wahlmünchnerin, my blog about Munich life, which is purely a hobby. Both Steal this Process and my e.m.papers blog are blogs that I maintain in support of a business. I’ve noticed there is a LOT of content/courses/seminars, etc. about how to turn a blog into a business, but less for how to run a blog as a secondary effort in support of your business.

My plan is to share the approach, strategies and great examples I’ve found as I’ve tried to hone my skills as someone who blogs for her business.

What do you think? Do you have a blog for your business? How have you approached it? Do you love creating posts, or do you find it to be a necessary evil for marketing you biz?