Blog (detall)
I thought I’d share the high-level outline for my talk  on Blogging For Your Business at the upcoming Hive conference:

  1. Why your business needs a blog
  2. Your two Audiences
  3. I’m trying to run a business, not a blog!
  4. 10 (?)  great ideas for business blogs (with case studies)

Section 1 will talk about how blogging is an important marketing tool, especially when you have an online business (or attract a major portion of your customers online). Section 2 is about how you have to blog for both customers and Google and the different types of posts required for each. Section 3 focuses on strategies for maintaining a blog without letting it cut too much into the other tasks you have to run your biz. Finally, section 4 will share case studies citing examples of great business-supporting blogs and the types of posts they’ve used to keep content plentiful, fresh and consistent.

Anything I’m missing? What would you like to see covered in this kind of talk?

Photo by Lady Madonna