Make more offline connections.

That’s one of the goals I set for myself in 2013. A constant unwritten goal that is always top of mind for me is also ‘bloom where you’re planted’. I sometimes focus too much on all the things happening in the U.S. and miss everything happening right under my nose.

So when I saw that the Ricarda from 23qm Stil and Igor from Happy Interior Blog were giving a BLOGST workshop in Munich, I signed right up. The day-long workshop was actually sold out, but I wrote to Ricarda about getting on a wait-list and as luck would have it, someone cancelled and I got a spot; it pays to be persistent!

The workshop was great. Even though I maintain three blogs, there is always something new to learn.  Some of my key takeaways were:

  • Don’t forget that blogging is a treat not a chore; ‘me time’
  • Don’t just re-post the same content on different channels
  • Create series to help structure posts

There was a ton more in the workshop and it’s all stuff I can’t wait to start implementing.

Of course one of the most incredible parts of the workshop was meeting so many wonderful, Munich-based bloggers. I was delighted to see Anette from Blick Sieben again. We met at the Trau Dich wedding fair last November (she also took the picture at the start of this post). Nicola from  Verrueckt nach Hochzeit from the local wedding scene was also there, which was great. She gave me the lowdown on a lot of great local events happening the following weekend, which I would have totally missed if I hadn’t been there.


At my end of the table I sat next to these fun and engaging ladies:
Friederike from FREISEINDESIGN
Bridgee from  LittleStarBlog
Doris from Raw Diamond
Sophie from cucina piccina

I was also really glad to meet Stefanie, Mona and Bea who have started sieben machen, who have started a cool collaborative space in town, not too far away from where I live. I already have a scheme to host some holiday workshops there come November.

There were several other bloggers there who I hope to get to also know better and see at more events including:
Claudia from frauLIEBSTES
Christina from Gourmet Lady
Simone from frauKaeptn
NETTE from regenbogenbuntes
Sandra from Lila-Lotta 
Emma from Frühstück bei Emma
Anette from look! pimp your room
Susi from texterella
Bente from Miss Matthes
Tina from Türtier
Lilian Kura from Textzicke 
Bea from Fräulein Etepetete

Moral of the story: review your goals often and let them lead the way! This one day brought so much inspiration, so many new connections, helpful lessons and a re-commitment to all that I’m doing. I had a grueling month, and house guests that weekend. It would have been very tempting to skip it. It was remembering my goal of making offline connections that pushed me to go and stay on track, and boy was it worth it.