Done is Better Than Perfect
I have always been a pretty prolific person. I can usually produce a lot, fast. It’s a valuable skill and asset. I totally get it when Seth Godin talks about shipping.


Sometimes, I’ll look back and wonder if I did my best work. I am by no means a perfectionist. Detail-oriented people that insist on endless rounds of ‘apple polishing’ drive me nuts. I’ve come to appreciate this though, because I know that going over details, asking myself ‘How could this be even better?’ is not one of my strengths.

The emphasis on getting work out there, not stalling, ‘just doing it’ and overcoming fear is important. I think this guidance is prevalent because the majority of people tend to procrastinate and hesitate under the guise of work not being finished (or started, or perfect) and need a push. But for those of us who have no problem getting it out there, it’s wise to pause and make sure we’re doing our best.

Image by  Thomas Hawk