A few days ago, I met with a couple of fellow entrepreneurs for our very first mastermind meeting. One friend was debating whether she should pursue her business idea (she’s not quite an entrepreneur yet) was facing some tough decisions.

She had a lot of considerations around her personal life, professional life and what the financial implications would be if she made x or y decision. I didn’t envy her.

I asked her probing questions like ‘What would you do if money were no issue?’ She answered in about .05 seconds. She already knew what she wanted. As soon as she started to think about what she wanted she started to think of all the reasons it wasn’t possible; a totally natural and normal response, but a limiting habit.

I am the LAST person to suggest someone throw caution to the wind and ‘Just go for it!’ Life is more complicated than that. There ARE real world things like money, business idea viability, family and partnerships to think about deeply when making work and business decisions.

But. If you never allow yourself to dream about your ideal situation, you’ll never be able to come up with a realistic, concrete plan to get there. Turn off your lizard brain and let yourself dream. That’s the first step of any great endeavor.

Photo by Colton Witt