I’ve been wrestling with my inbox a lot lately. My main goal in life is to get to inbox zero. Apologies from now until eternity to all of those who comment on how curt my mails are; it’s not going to change.

I subscribe to several newsletters, some that have to do with my business, some for pleasure. One of the downsides of this is that I feel compelled to read whatever shows up in my inbox when it arrives. This is bad. It takes me onto the internet, and we all know what happens once we go there.

Here’s how I’m solving the problem: unsubscribing from as many newsletters as possible and moving them all into Feedly, which I love! Google reader dying has been one of the best things to happen to my productivity in a long time.

Now, instead of getting distracted when I’m processing emails, I can set aside (and calendar!) a block of time to catch up, or save it for the weekend morning reading with my coffee. I’m kind of amazed I didn’t do this sooner.