Drink it up!

  • Articles like this one on the 4 types of basic value propositions make me think ‘See, who needs business school?’
  • I just discovered the Shopify blog which is a fantastic source of information for all things eCommerce and entrepreneurship. Also an excellent example of how blogging for a business is a really smart idea (I’m now seriously considering switching to Shopify when I do my next store upgrade)
  • I’m old enough to remember the first .com boom and find myself having a deep sense of Déjà vu which is why I love articles like this one on how more realism is needed when launching a start-up. You can easily extrapolate the message to a micro biz too.
  • Yay! nicely laid out Illustrator CS6 short cuts.
  • Great advice on how to find customers. I especially like #3 ‘Eat The Frog’ which is the same idea as ‘Put The Big Rocks in First’ (do the hard tasks first)