Each week in the Steal This Process Project & Time Management Course we enjoy an interview from a mover and shaker who is making it happen. In these highlight posts, I share why I was inspired to choose the person to be interviewed. Today I’ll talk to you about Rena Tom.

I’m not sure how I discovered Rena, but when I came across her website I was thoroughly impressed. I was thrilled when she accepted a guest post on project management a year or so back.

Rena studied mechanical engineering, founded (and later sold) a store called Rare Device, and at the time I discovered her was doing a lot of wholesale and retail consulting to indie businesses. She has a broad, impressive skill set and background.

Her current project and runaway success is Makeshift Society. It’s a clubhouse and coworking space for creatives in San Francisco. I have wanted something similar where I live in Munich for some time now. I didn’t have a clear vision of exactly what I would want until I saw the Makeshift Society and thought ‘That’s it! That’s it! That’s exactly the kind of space I would want to be a part of!’

mss-instaWhat struck me most about Makeshift is that it seemed to be the physical manifestation of a very personal vision, which I always find motivating and inspiring. Someone had a dream and they made it happen!

Makeshift Society is going gangbusters with tons of classes and events and a second club house will open soon in Brooklyn. I’m beyond excited to visit MSS for the first time next week when I’ll give my Steal This Process intro workshop.

Rena was incredibly friendly and responsive to my interview request and I couldn’t be more delighted to find out how she makes it all happen and share it with you.

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Photo of Rena from Modern Luxury
Photo of Makeshift Society from MSS Instagram feed.