There are too many apps out there. There’s an app for this, that and the other thing. It can be very difficult to sort through all the tools that are going to ‘change our lives’ (!!) and figure out which tools actually will.

Working on my project and time management course has made that crystal clear. I originally planned to finish each module talking about tools. Starting with the tools I use (digital and analog) for certain parts my workflow process and listing similar ones that class participants may find useful.

But it started getting totally confusing. You can’t explain why a tool is great or only kind of great unless you first explain the entire process from end to end (setting goals, planning, estimating, reviewing, etc.)

I can quickly access whether a tool will work for me or not by scanning the feature list and seeing where or if I can plug it into my process.  If you don’t have a grasp of the ‘theory’ project and time management you won’t be able to tell if a tool will work for you, or if it will only partially work or if it will need to be supplemented by some other tool. You can end up spending a bunch of wasted time just trying to learn or get used to the tool only to find it isn’t a good fit for your system.

I’m still talking about tools in the course, but at the very end, in a series of ‘recipes’. This way, once people have a grasp of the theory they can see how this or that app will or won’t work for them.

Photo by FunGi_