megan-aumanEach week in the Steal This Process Project & Time Management Course we enjoy an interview from a mover and shaker who is making it happen. In these highlight posts, I share why I was inspired to choose the person to be interviewed. Today I’ll talk to you about Megan Auman.

When I broke out of my corporate prison, I was a wild woman and inhaled everything I found about having and running an indie business. That’s when I discovered Megan Auman and Designing an MBA (then called Crafting an MBA) and became part of a creative community she was co-running at the time.

When I found her site it was like hitting the mother lode of advice for people like me, doing what I was trying to do. She produces insightful, thoughtful content about running a creative business that makes you really grateful that the internet exists.

auman-paintingsWhat impresses me about Megan is that she is an artist and creator (she makes beautiful jewelery and is also a talented painter) and a thought leader in her industry. On top of this, she’s created several amazing products and online classes (I’ve been on the fence about wholesale for awhile now, but if I ever take the plunge, signing up for Wholesale Academy is the first thing I’ll do!) all while running a successful business.

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P.S. Here’s a guest post I wrote about raising prices on Designing an MBA awhile back!

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