I’ve been ‘working the program’ while administering the inaugural launch of the STP Project and Time Management course and it’s doing me a world of good.

After spending a lot of time actively and passively turning over what I want over the last couple of months, I’ve come to some important conclusions.

I want to focus. I want to narrow down the scope of activities I’m doing. Not all of my projects don’t have to grow, or evolve into a business, or go on forever.

My joy lies in the creating, not so much in the marketing. I realize that’s a necessary aspect of doing business. but for each new project I create, I have to spend a significant amount of time getting the word out, and it starts to feel like a drag.

This, in some ways, feels counter-intuitive. Growing business and initiating projects is like a reflex for many self-directed, self-employed people. Putting together Jess Lively’s great interview for the course, I really resonated with her take on ‘pruning’ the bush.

Basically, I like my life as it is. I don’t want to add to much more complexity to it (living as an expat serves that function just fine). So I’m setting goals designed to increase my freedom, revenue and which will help me focus. I also happen to be going through a mad de-cluttering rush, so something broader is afoot.

I’ll talk more about that in detail next time. In the meantime, what can you eliminate, prune or reduce in your business/work/creative life?