Pam-0047Pam Slim has been a ginormous inspiration to me. I’ve written before about how her open letter to a CXO and her book Escape From Cubicle Nation were instrumental in me deciding to say ‘adios‘ to corporate life.

She’s just launched a new book, which I can not wait to read called Body of Work.  It’s clear that Pam has finger on the pulse of how we’re working in this new age, and she has a knack for articulating impulses and needs that those of us with unconventional (although increasingly frequent) career paths have.

I’ve never met Pam in person, but what shines through her work and her writing is her warmth, accessibility and her authenticity. I was thrilled when she agreed to be interviewed for the Steal this Process course (even more thrilled than when I was highlighted in her side-hustle and flow series). She didn’t disappoint. Her candor and wisdom continue to be an inspiration!