bigrocksAfter finishing the exercises in Your Best Year Yet, one of my goals is to only schedule two ‘big rock’ items a day.

Usually I schedule several ‘must do’ important/non-urgent and important/urgent items into my weekly and daily calendar. The bottom line is that it’s just not possible to accomplish these kinds of  ‘higher-function’ items (writing, design, etc.) all day long. It isn’t for me anyway.

I also found that even if I do accomplish everything, the quality tends to suffer.

So far, this has been both hard and easy. I get nervous that I’m not going to GET IT ALL DONE!!! On the other hand, I’m taking the time to go through my work a second and third time and asking myself if I could do better. Quality over quantity.

This has also left a reasonable amount of time to tackle the day-to-day things that have to be dealt with. This leaves me feeling ‘finished’ at the end of the day, confident that I worked on both long-term important work and all the little things that keep the machine moving forward.

How about you? What are you scheduling into your day?