Luisa WeissI had the good fortune of meeting Luisa Weiss when we were both speakers at the 2013 Hive European Blogger Conference in Berlin. I have to confess, I didn’t know much about the food blogging scene and didn’t quite realize what a notable figure Luisa is in that sphere, with both her blog The Wednesday Chef and her book My Berlin Kitchen.

Luisa gave a great talk on staying organized and shared tips like the fantastic 5 sentence rule: Don’t send emails with more than five sentences. I love this tip and have been trying to apply it (with moderate success) ever since I heard her talk.

After Christmas I finished, inhaled actually, My Berlin Kitchen. People, it is an amazing book. It will especially resonate with expats, but if you love cooking, travel, or just a great story you should pick it up. It made me all the more grateful to have met Luisa.

The interview she generously provided for the Steal This Process course is chocked full of insights and down-to-earth advice all in the human, warm voice that I so enjoyed reading her book.

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