I can honestly say that my 2014 is going great so far. I can also honestly say that one of my major goals has already gotten scrapped.

I had a grand plan to move my e.m.papers shop to a new, hosted e-commerce platform. After dutifully cataloging all of my requirements I started reviewing and test driving different options.

I fell in love with Shopify. Unfortunately (and frankly to my utter disbelief) most of the online store options for small businesses do not offer real multi-lingual/multi-currency solutions. I anticipate this will change in the next 12-18 months. After some reflection, I realized I have to defer the goal of switching shops until there’s a product that really fits my needs.

So what to do now? That’s where having a monthly and weekly review come in handy. After reviewing my other goals, scope and plans, I decided to swap out this goal for making some cosmetic replacements on my existing shop and giving a much needed overhaul to my Etsy and Dawanda shops. I also developed a contingency plan on how to deal with my current aging e-commerce platform (frequent back-ups, etc.)

I made this decision at the end of January, so it was easy to re-plan as part of my February mid-level plan and review session. The whole thing felt seamless. That’s the peace of mind you get from scheduling regular review check-points with yourself.

As a side note, I also started doing my weekly reviews Friday morning. I was scheduling them for the end of the day Friday, but quickly realized I’m brain dead and ready for the weekend at that point!

How about you? When and how often are you doing reviews?