I spend my days looking for inspiration in the same old watering holes: Pinterest, lifestyle blogs, competitors, my Feedly page.

After awhile it all starts to look and feel the same. Coming up with original work feels difficult if not downright impossible.

I went to a design conference last weekend called Toca Me that happens every year here in Munich. I’m a designer, so going to a design conference might not seem like a radical change of scenery, but it was.

The designers showing their work at this conference had nothing to do with weddings, stationery or interiors but rather motion graphics (think: user interfaces in the films Oblivion and Tron), photo-realistic surrealist imagery and techno-color illustrations.

It was such a shot in the arm to get back in touch with my ‘design-y’ side and groove on work that is NOTHING like what I do. I don’t know how this will influence my own personal work, but it made me excited to get back to my desk and get into it.

What an excellent reminder that seeking influences outside of your usual creative roaming grounds is a great way to jolt yourself out of a rut.