I’ve been invited to give my Steal This Process workshop at a summit for Etsy Europe team captains this weekend.

The focus is a little different, I usually talk about how to apply the 6 STP steps to individual biz owners. For this workshop I need to tweak it a bit to talk about how to use the processes with teams.

Here’s the gist of the changes I made:

  • SMART goals are just as important, and even more so in a team, because the clarity of a results based goal is key to getting people to act and tap into their own natural motivation.
  • Scope and estimation may focus more around ongoing activities rather than discrete projects (although those certainly may exist as well).
  • Planning is more low-level. Leading and participating on an Etsy team is going to be one of many tasks in an individuals overall life. A baselined, low level plan let’s each team member gain a realistic sense of how much time they can dedicate to team activities.
  • Executing is primarily about three things: Attracting and keeping the right people on the team, delegating work and finding ways to keep others motivated.
  • Keep reviewing simple and short.

I’m curious to see if these ideas will resonate with the team members. When I started the first Etsy Germany team a few years ago I did a lot wrong, the list above is the things I’d consider if I were to do it again.

Image courtesy of vjpaul