3 reasons I don't want funding

Like many micro-entrepreneurs I’ve entertained the idea of pursuing funding from private investors. But every time I’ve even stuck my toe in the water (conferences, listening to lectures, talking to others) I get totally turned off. A friend whose running five start-ups asked me why. When I had to put my answers into black and white, here’s what they were:

  1. I absolutely can’t stand having a boss or anyone telling me what to do. Especially some old dude(s) (or young dudes for that matter)
  2. I want to build something between a lifestyle business and a small business. Of course one that generates a very comfortable amount of revenue but over time (several years)
  3. I want to create something that I enjoy doing/running. Not try and blow it up as fast as I can, sell it and make as much money possible (for someone else)

So there it is. Like The Chairman of the Board, I’ll be doing it Myyyyy Waaaaaaay!

What are your thoughts? Ever think about looking for outside financing? Through which channels?