After several frustrating experiences trying to find help on ODesk, I created a job posting that gets right down to brass tacks:

This is a short project creating 7 images in Adobe Photoshop for eCommerce product listings.

I’ll need you to make a screenshot of an Adobe Acrobat PDF file paste into and manipulate it in Photoshop.

I’m looking for long-term help. If this project is successful and I feel we are a good fit, it could lead to much more work.

You must have these key skills:
– Good to expert Photoshop level
– Proficient in Adobe Acrobat/Reader
– Good English skills. Perfect English is not a requirement communication should be easy to understand

Please, no bullshit. By bullshit I mean:
– Accepting a job and then suggesting a ‘friend’ instead
– Applying without sufficient skills in Photoshop or Acrobat
– Applying without speaking GOOD English
– An unwillingness to work online with ODesk tool until trust is established
– Adjusting or attempting to adjust rates in the middle of a job
– Multiple emails asking for a job after refusal
– Multiple emails haggling or reducing rates after refusal
– Multiple emails attempting to change fair feedback
– Disappearing in the middle of the job

These are all things that I’ve experience with ODesk contractors in the past. If any of the above occurs I will immediately pay you for the time worked, end the contract and leave corresponding feedback.

A successful engagement would include:
– Quick, responsive, well written communication
– Questions when something isn’t understood
– A more detailed estimate for the job, after watching a short screen cast
– The right skills for the job
– Ability to follow instructions
– A willingness to learn
– Honesty

If you have good Photoshop skills, are eager to learn and are interested in long-term work helping with an eCommerce site (product listing photo production, product listing data entry) this could be a great first assignment.

I’m organized, tough but fair, friendly and honest.

Please include a cover letter and provide a (ballpark) estimate of how long you would need to complete the job.

Upon acceptance you’ll receive access to a short screen cast of the task as well as detailed written instructions.

Needless to say there wasn’t the usual Tsunami of responses, but I’m finding the ones that have responded are more qualified and understand what I’m going for.What do you think? Have you used ODesk or ELance? What’s your experience been?