This wasn’t supposed to be a website. Or an eBook. Or an anything.

It all started when I took a leave of absence from my day job to, among other things, get married and work on my side-hustle e.m.papers.

A month or so into my leave I posted this on my blog. I sent it to the Etsy European Street Team mailing list and got great responses and even an invitation to speak in Paris (which I turned down.) ‘Interesting.’ I thought, and moved on with my indie-biz, my wedding and the rest of my life.

After the leave of absence was over, I decided that, actually, I didn’t want to go back to my day job. e.m.papers was picking up steam, I had gotten involved with Etsy and a lot of the activities going on in Germany and it was time to take my life in an entirely new direction.

After getting more involved on the indie-business scene and working with a lot of makers and micro-business owner types, it dawned on me that I had learned  a thing or two Рespecially about project management and methodology development Рworking at a corporation for ten years. I was part of the community advisory panel for the Hello Etsy conference and realized that a lot of the stuff I knew would fit in very well with the theme of the conference РSmall Business and Sustainability. I also knew I could distill that knowledge into an easily understandable approach for managing work within the context of a very small business. So I pitched the idea for a session on project management for indie businesses and Steal This Process: What I Learned Working For The Man And How You Can Apply It To Your Indie Business was born.