Imagine completing your work each day with a sense of flow and purpose. Knowing you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and not feeling overwhelmed by it all.

You can cut through the confusion and tame the endless to-do list in your mind.

Once you understand and internalize how to implement effective planning, productivity and workflow processes, you can wake up each day motivated, whack through your task list like a machete and spend evenings and weekends relaxed and at peace.

“This has really helped me in planning out my year. I feel like I’m actually getting things done now as I move through the week and know exactly what I need to be working on.”
– Stacy


Steal This Process – The Course

When I transitioned out of the corporate digital media world and into the indie business universe, it felt like coming home. I was (and still am) extremely excited by like-minded people that are striking out on their own and making it happen.

But I noticed many struggling with getting everything done or structuring their work efficiently to maximize the time they had.

I’ve distilled over 12 years of expertise as a creative project manager and my experience as a small business owner into a six-week program that is easy to understand and implement.


Here’s what you’ll learn in each module:

Module One – Goals: Get clarity on what you want to do, and why. Understand the secret to setting goals that keep you focused and motivated.

Module Two – Defining Scope: Define and prioritize the projects and activities you must do to achieve your goals. Then, break it all down into achievable steps.

Module Three – Estimating: Get real about how long it’s going to take. Whether it’s launching a new shop or quitting your job, learn how to set realistic estimates for work you can actually achieve.

Module Four – Planning: Set up ‘blueprints’ for your year, month and week. Learn how to structure your work at high, mid and low level (don’t worry, you can keep your to-do lists:) )

Module Five – Executing: Become a productivity machine. Learn how to get work done even on days when you want to lay on the couch with a bag of chips and Netflix.

Module Six – Reviewing: Make sure you’re on track, assess what’s working, what’s not and know when to make course corrections.

Project management life cycle

“The modules I’ve completed have been great. I like how easy to follow & organized they are” – Meg

The course includes:

  • Weekly video lessons and exercises that explain, in-depth, a clear 6-step framework which shows you the ‘big picture’ of the why, what and when of what you need to accomplish.
  • More than 25 exercises and practices which you can implement to see immediate results
  • 10 powerful methods to keep you productive even on your laziest days

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“I was able to learn something new whilst integrating the learning and doing process into my busy day to day schedule” – Verena

Work Smart, Not Hard.

Get ready to:

  • Cut through the clutter and take control
  • Stop procrastinating and get work done
  • Understand what‘s important and eliminate the rest
  • Create a clear, do-able plan to get from point a to z
  • Create a realistic, meaningful and personalized set of projects and activities that fit your business, lifestyle
  • Get organized and cut your unfocused anxiety down to size
  • Know what to do each day and why you’re doing it
  • Work efficiently, and effectively with a sense a purpose and joy
  • Finish your day with a sense of peace and accomplishment
  • Feel relaxed and at ease in your free time


“It’s a great thing having an organised person show you that there is a way to structure your plans, making it so much easier and less chaotic to be productive and execute.” -Nicole

Invest in your business, invest in your self.

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I’m just not an organized person, will this course work for me?
Is that true? Have you ever tried? Being organized doesn’t require changing your entire personality. It’s a simple mater of eliminating bad habits and implementing new ones.

I don’t have time
This course requires 1-4 hours a week of effort and attention. That’s around 24 hours. Invest a day in learning something which will impact you for a lifetime. I’ve taken e-courses that have overwhelmed me with too much information, too fast. I’ve worked hard include only the essentials and pace the class so it lightens your load, not adds to it.

I took one of your workshops and/or bought the kit, will I get anything new in this course?
Yes! The basis of the course is the same since the philosophy is timeless and hasn’t changed, so there will be plenty of content you’ll recognize. You’ll also be introduced to new concepts and much more detailed exercises and examples.

Um, who are you and why are you qualified to teach this course?
I spent ten years at a large digital firm understanding and designing project management and productivity processes for creative teams across North America, Europe and Asia. These processes helped deliver work for Fortune 500 companies on multimillion dollar projects.

My favorite part of the job was translating project management and productivity theory into a language and processes that creative people could understand and get excited about. I was good at it too. In a firm of over 10,000 employees with lots of company spam, creatives would go out of their way to contact me so they could get on the mailing list for my internal project management newsletter.

This. Stuff. Was. My. Day Job.

These skills also helped me to build up my side-hustle while holding a full-time job, earn a ten-fold increase in revenue within 2 years, quit my day job and continue to increase my business revenues year after year.