How to organize and structure your work so you can express your creativity, produce more, and profit!

Are you a maker, indie-biz owner or creative entrepreneur full of ideas, plans and projects but no idea where or how to start?
Perhaps you know there is a lot of stuff you should be doing but just don’t know what it is, or you’re up to your eyeballs in to-do lists but still dragged down by the sense that you should be doing more and that things are falling through the cracks.

Maybe you do know what you have to do but you feel like you’re standing at the base of Mount Everest. In the rain. Wearing flip-flops.

Are you overwhelmed by how much work you have to do ?
You know you have to get some sort of time management and planning system in place, but the idea of sifting through all of the websites, apps and productivity systems out there makes you just want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over your head.

It’s overwhelming. Most of us have never been formally taught any kind of planning or time management method. When we set out to get something started, whether it’s a business or a project it’s easy to to get bogged down by a lot of unfocused, frantic activity and wheel-spinning.

To-do lists, the latest time-tracking app or productivity fad will only get you so far. What brings order to the chaos is understanding and applying the simple principles and steps that are the root of each and every productivity and time management system that exists, and building a comprehensive system for getting your work done.

Time management, planning and productivity are not rocket science. Once you understand how goal setting, project definition, estimation, planning, productivity and reviewing all work together, it’s easy to put together a simple, coherent approach for organizing your work and structuring your time. The Steal This Process Time Management Kit for Indie Businesses will help you do just that.

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Why you should listen to me:
I spent ten years at a large web company understanding and designing project management and productivity processes for global creative project teams in offices across North America, Europe and Asia. This approach not only helped deliver work for Fortune 500 companies on multimillion dollar projects, but was also recognized by Forrester research as a key differentiator between our company and our competitors in Europe.

But most importantly, these skills helped me to:

  • Build up my side-hustle while holding a full-time job
  • Earn a ten-fold increase in revenue within 2 years
  • Finally quit my day job to run my thriving indie business full-time

I did all this while planning my two weddings (to the same guy) on two different continents.

How this kit is going to help you:
I put together this guide after meeting and working with other indie-business owners, makers and creative entrepreneurs and realizing that many people have not had the benefit of learning and applying project and time management systems in a corporate setting.

I also found that much of the available content around time management is either presented as a rigid, orthodox system that feels like a strict diet, or couched in overly technical, non-accessible language. Part of my old day-job was introducing and translating these concepts to reluctant creatives in a non-threatening, easy-to-understand way. I liked that part of the job, and I was good at it too. I produced the only newsletter in a company of over 10,000 employees (and lots of internal spam) where people went out of their way to contact me to find out how to get on my mailing list.

Now, I’m bringing it to the people!

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This kit will help you learn to work smart, not hard.
A combination of templates and a companion 60+ page guide that provides:

  • An easy to understand overview of the six basic steps involved in time and project management
  • Tried-and true industry-standard approaches to defining, organizing and planning your work, all within the context of an indie/creative type small business
  • Real-life examples from my own business
  • Honest talk about the unique stresses, need for balance and realities of time management and planning in a small creative business
  • Helpful links to resources to the end of each section to set you on your way to designing a system that works perfectly for you

You will also get beautiful, design-y and easy-to-understand graphics as well as the following templates in Excel and PDF formats:

  • SMART Goal setting sheet
  • Reusable Project (Scope) and task matrix and estimation worksheet
  • Reusable High Level Plan
  • Reusable Mid-Level Plan
  • Reusable Low-Level Plan
  • Free exercise worksheets from my Hello Etsy workshop to help you work through the concepts in the guide before you begin to put them into practice.

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This project and time management kit demystifies how to:

  • Clarify your creative and business goals
  • Realize your creative ideas and vision
  • Clear your mind so you can focus on your creative projects
  • Unleash and express your creativity rather than just live in a state of dreams and possibilities
  • Understand how to build a coherent, comprehensive system for executing your work rather than a grab bag of productivity tricks
  • Bring order to the chaos
  • Define achievable, focused goals that are based on your values
  • Screen out the clutter and focus on what’s important
  • Prioritize your work to ensure you’ll accomplish your goals and avoid wasting time
  • Break goals down in to achievable projects
  • Figure out how long it will take to complete your projects
  • Plan more accurately (or even get help with them)
  • Effectively (and joyfully) execute your work and stay productive
  • Eliminate the sense of ‘being behind’
  • Maintain peace-of-mind that you are ‘on track’ and doing what you need to be doing
  • Feel good about what you aren’t doing
  • Realize when you are trying to do too much
  • Create a customized approach, based on proven principles, that work for you, your life and the way you like to work

The kit costs $39 and is available for immediate download, just click the button below!

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